Popular College Comparison Websites

college comparison websites

College comparison websites are available for various reasons. Each site uses different sort of data elements to compare colleges. So, the main question that arises is, what websites are fair, what sites are targeted at unique sets of information that I might be interested?
1. College Results Online
Families accept that their youngsters will move on from colleges in four years; however that is unfortunately not valid for most. This awesome site gives four, five, and six-year graduation rates of different colleges the nation over. This site separates graduation rates by ethnicity and gender.
Link: http://www.collegeresults.org/
2. College Navigator
The overall appearance of this site is not very smooth, however this government site contains more information on the country‚Äôs colleges than wherever else on the Internet. Utilizing the College Navigator’s web index, you can scour the nation for schools in light of your criteria, which is helpful on the off chance that you are not sure where to chase for colleges beyond the undeniable brand names and your state institutions.
Link: http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator
3. Zinch
This site is an online matchmaker that has obtained highlights from Facebook that ought to engage youngsters. On both locales, for example, a college student can make a profile that goes well past test scores and grade-point midpoints that they can impart to colleges. Utilizing these destinations is an incredible approach to find fascinating colleges that you did not know exist. This site gives an important registry of grants that a huge number of colleges offer.
Link: http://www.zinch.com/
college comparison websites
4. CollegeMajors101
This site offers heaps of data about what you can do with many majors, and in addition what you can expect scholastically in the event that you seek after the majors.
Link: http://www.collegemajors101.com/
5. College Insight
This site is the brainchild of the Institute for College Access and Success, has accumulated point by point data on a large number of universities. You can discover measurements for any college on such points as college reasonableness, graduation rates, and college differing qualities, including the racial and ethnic breakdown of understudies and teachers.
Link: http://college-insight.org/
6. Student Debt.
This site is dedicated to offering families some assistance with making the best financial decisions while handling college costs. You will discover huge amounts of data about school obligation and credits. The site likewise has a rundown of colleges that have sworn to confine or kill the utilization of student advances in their money related guide bundles.
Link: http://www.projectonstudentdebt.org/
7. Unigo
This site encourages the college students to share their thoughts on their own colleges through remarks, photographs, and recordings.
Link: http://www.unigo.com/
8. College Board
You can undoubtedly recover the scholastic profile of a college’s first year recruit class, money related guide and justify help details, accessible majors, and significantly more.
Link: http://www.collegeboard.com/
9. CollegeResults.org
This is a website devoted to looking at an exceptionally contract scope of information. In particular, it thinks about the graduation rates of any rundown of schools you want to make. It additionally utilizes the NCES IPED database as the hotspot for its examinations. It delivers a rate construct investigation focused in light of different demographic classes of college students.
Link: http://collegeResults.org
10. Parchment.com
It offers you another approach to cut up the information. This site takes a gander at two colleges that are competitors.
Link: http://Parchment.com

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